Twisted realm that inspires despair and fear in the hearts of its citizens, led by Anagore, the Demon feeding on all the dark souls of the universe. In Xardion, life is simple: you are part of a hierarchy and work as the slave of your superior, and enslave those below you.

Citizens of Xardion worship death as the most liberating feeling one could ever experience. They don't want eternal life, and gladly sell their soul to Anagore in exchange for dark powers who can’t be acquired otherwise. Those powers are used for personal advancement, with the side effect of enslaving more souls to keep Anagore growing.

As Anagore grows more powerful every time a soul is converted, it brings him closer of his final agenda: achieving the “End of Days”. This creates a paradigm in Xardion because the high ranking avatars of the death realm are aware of this, and also know that they could be destroyed in that process.

Some of them worship Anagore and bring him souls to get his favor, while scheming to make sure he never unleashes the “End of Days”. Some others, like the Baron Arimane, are convinced that Anagore will show clemency to those who served with total devotion. Arimane, (also known as "Satan" on earth) has created a scheme of soul corruption that makes him the greatest provider of dark souls in the realm of Xardion. As long as he can find simpletons who don't understand that concept and just think that it's “cool” to do Xardion’s bidding, the scheme holds. But angels of Indigofera are getting more and more involved in the disruption of this scheme, often sacrificing their own eternity in the process to make sure the darkness don't permanently engulf the whole creation.