A mix of elves and natives of the world, protective of nature and reluctant to the rest of the civilization. They are led by Bill Devance, the great phoenix.

The Sylfs were the first civilization of the VDimension. As such, they are very in touch with nature and respect the wildlife like no others. Freedom and independence being their most important values, they tend to have a hard time to organize into a caste system that can get things done at a large scale. Therefore, you won't find great constructions in the Sylfs realm, but mostly small villages and scattered pocket of population that are built among the trees and rocks to have as little impact as possible on the universe they love so much.

Sylfs people are not materialistic and consider accumulating wealth like a burden. For them, nature provides for their needs on a daily basis and they have no fear of it not being there tomorrow since they are taking such good care of it.

Most Sylfs love the calm atmosphere of their realm, which keeps them in a state of meditation. Great thinkers came out of the Air realm for that same reason, as their mind is clear of any turbulence most of the time.

Some like to go outside of their mountain chain to get a feel of the surrounding world. This usually turns out to be a disappointing experience, making them return in haste in their haven with stories that only feed their disgust for the "outside world".