A small group of very efficient citizens with a philosophy intertwined between Spartans and Samourais. They are led by Bel Gath, the last pure dragon of the dimension.

The realm of Naum Spur is by far the most efficient and elitist kingdom of VDimension. Although science is explored a lot, destructive magic is their bread and butter as the realm sits on a very high concentration of mana current.

In Naum Spur, if you are born with a chronic condition that affects your brain capacity, you are automatically sent to the Forbidden Laboratory as a guinea pig for enhancement. Everybody must contribute. Free loaders are expelled or executed if they refuse to leave the Volcano on which the realm is built.

Everything is a meritocracy. No sugar coating or brown nosing will get you anywhere in Naum Spur. Results are the only measure of your talents, but all the tools will be put at your disposal to prove yourself in a selected field of operation.

A very heavy government structure exists to deviate the resources toward the elite of the society, to keep them on the top of the chain food. Gifted beings in Naum Spur, live a great life and push their civilization forward with almost unlimited funds, while the less gifted will be stuck with the choice of executing the more mundane tasks, become a Mutagen genetically improved, or leave the kingdom for good.