The vision of heaven for most who believe in the existence of a god, led by Lord Delphade, the source of all religions in every Civilization. The Indigofera realm is all about selflessly spreading life into every corner of the universe and making sure to protect it. Everyone must serve a purpose in Indigofera. A failure to do so, might cost you your wings.

The really high moral code and purity one needs in order to have vibes high enough to open the gate to live in Indigofera is often seen as a burden. Especially by those fallen angels who turned to serve the death Eternal. However, those who can maintain their thoughts, words and actions at a high level of purity, will never be cut off from the source itself; opening them to opportunities of growth that other realms can't even fathom.

The love and compassion of Indigofera denizens is beyond limit, and so is their naivety that can often be abused by their opposite realm. For someone living in Indigofera: killing or hatred cannot be part of their vocabulary, thoughts or scheme of actions, and fanatics who revert to those means thinking they are serving God go straight to the death realm to feed the demon boss Anagore. Only Lord Delphade can cleanse a "stinking corpse" as he calls them.

For a citizen of Indigofera, no one is lost to the light forever, or until Lord Delphade says so. It’s never left to the individual to decide either way. Their sense of purpose and eternal blessing comes with a life of trying to bring the lost sheep back on the path of Indigofera or at least, to make them realize that the path of light actually exists.