Technologically advanced and overcrowded Metropolis, led by Reginald of Chutney, a manipulative humanoid with treachery that knows no bounds.

In Chutney, life is good for those who can afford it. The Eternal of Chutney, Reginald, has made sure to keep the imagination of people going with all kinds of telluric pleasures such as: gambling, drugs, alcohol and debauchery. Name it; Chutney has it all year long.

No citizen of Chutney wants to bother with philosophy either. They want to enjoy the pleasure of life 24/7, and burn the candle from both ends no matter the cost on their environment. This leads Chutney to be the most polluted realm of VDimension and the only realm which has depleted its sacred ground powers. But they don't care: most of them won't live long enough for it to have an impact on their life expectancy anyways...

The fastest way to get to the top of the hierarchy, (and to get killed) is to participate in the Cyclotron fights; the most dangerous gladiator arena of the universe. Those who survive will have instant access to all the good stuff… while the fallen will go in the meat grinder to be fed to the poor. (Nothing is ever lost).

Chutney is the most populated realm of VDimension, as many seek the "Chutney dream". Only a few will find it though, and the system is certainly not built to let you access it easily. Reginald wants to keep its main attraction “the Cyclotron” going, and it won't get any volunteers if everybody is rich and happy. Therefore, savage capitalism, is the rule of thumb in Chutney.

If you belong to the epicurean type of persons or among the 10% most fortunate who can buy their way up: Chutney is "by far", the most entertaining realm of all. By comparison, Las Vegas looks like a prenatal playground for adolescent. But it can also be just as dangerous if you don't know the right people...