Citizens of Camaaleau have kept a way of life crystallized into the medieval-renaissance era. Most citizens being adept of some basic form of healing magic, illness is very rare in this realm led by Aura Rhanes, the lady water.

In Camaaleau, life flows peacefully and slowly. People aren't in a hurry to get anywhere, and instead of living a life of high performance, they prefer living in a state of bliss. This mentality has led to a very strong sense of community, where the interest of your neighbor counts just as much as your own. As such, there is no need for taxes or heavy government: The citizens of Camaaleau take care of each other, and when something needs to get done for the better good of the Kingdom, they often end up with more volunteers than what is needed to actually do the job.

The pride of the citizens of Camaaleau is only matched by their friendly behavior. For them, each and every second spent in your day must be enjoyable. This comes with the price of being one of the less advanced and productive civilizations of VDimension. Thankfully, their mastery of the defensive magic arcane and powerful water minions like the Mesmer and Kraken, is protecting them from being completely annihilated by their fire brethren.