An alliance of pirates, undead and vampires led by Utarefson, a suicidal eternal that constantly seeks a way to escape its madness and immortality.

The chaos realm is just that. No rules, no plan and no tomorrow. As a citizen of Anarkya, just like Absolum, you create your own reality every day. But instead of living in your own instance of the dream world, your reality clashes with the nightmares of everyone.

Most citizens of Anarkya were once bored or lonely citizens of Absolum who couldn't stand living with themselves anymore. The shock of culture though, made them lose their judgment in the process, so they in return contributed to add to the current chaos that Anarkya bathes in on a daily basis.

Utarefson finds a certain peace in living in a world of chaos, as anything else puts him in a contrast that creates even more suffering in his twisted mind. The most popular way of life of Anarkya is piracy. Led by Kernok, there's not a single day where you get bored. And if you are indeed bored, you have all the tools in your civilization to create ruckus and shake things up in such a messy way, that you won't have enough of a life time to put all the pieces of the puzzle back together.

As a citizen of Anarkya: the fun resides in messing up the puzzle, making sure it never gets completed because anything falling into place makes you feel restless and unhappy. You simply can't evolve unless you struggle, and you create your own struggle if it doesn't exist.