A futuristic realm, using the dream world as its home to materialize the greatest inventions and technologies in the material world. Led by the Game Master, a being obsessed by anything that is not at its place in the world.

A life in the dream world of Absolum is a life of absolute creativity, but also absolute loneliness. As each citizen can create their own instance of the perfect reality they would like to live in, few of them actually accept to move into someone else’s reality to share their experience in a group.

That solitude and quest for self-reliant perfection forces every being to push their creative level to their climax. The Game Master has made sure to put all the tools at his citizen’s disposal to create the reality of their dreams, or evolve by simulating the great events of VDimension at will.

If you can accept that you will spend most of your eternity alone, not making an impact on any reality but your own, then happy you shall be. If you're lucky enough, you might find some young souls with limited creative powers who will want to live by your rules.

If you want more interaction with other beings, you always have another option: go down on lower planes of reality, and bring order and justice to the lawless.