The holy order realm of Absolum is based around the control of the board, to keep every player with a lead in a given victory condition at bay. They are very efficient at doing epic comebacks but when leading, Absolum loses most of their powers. This makes the end game very hard for them.


The unholy chaos realm of Anarkya completely destroys the meaning of metagaming. They are all about creating as much ruckus and confusion as possible, trying to capitalize and win the game by any means while opponents are still trying to make sense of what happened. More often then not, they will hurt themselves in the process, but they remain the realm who has the most fun when they lose!


The holy water realm of Camaaleau are peaceful builders, with strong minions to defend their construction. Their access to cleansing magic makes them able to buy enough time to achieve their goals, before they get destroyed by more aggressive realms.


The unholy fire realm of Naum Spur have all the fire power (pun intended) to conquer their opponents. Whether you use dragons or the ultimate team of magicians to achieve it, is up to you. Keep in mind though that any great fire starts with a spark before it can spread. If you expect to burn the board in a few turns, you'll be disappointed.


The holy air realm of The Sylfs is all about versatility. They can switch to one strategy to another without losing momentum. As they move quickly like the wind, they are more focused about reaching their goals, not paying much attention to their opponents. This leaves them vulnerable against upcoming attacks if they take too long to figure out a path to win.


The unholy earth realm of Chutney is all about having a strong economy, allowing them to crush their allies by overwhelming them with superior equipment. They plow through their cards to keep their hand full and as a consequence, destroying their life expectancy.


The holy life realm of Indigofera is very hard to kill, as its regenerating capability is unequaled. They usually start with a peaceful strategy, mostly oriented toward the pilgrimage. However, they can retaliate fiercely if they are provoked and forced into combat. Indigofera is the only realm who improves its chances to win by helping opponents.


The unholy death realm of Xardion has but one thing in mind: destroy everything. They are not directly oriented toward any of the victory conditions of VDimension. Instead, they prefer to eliminate each and every single soul opposing them on the board, eventually leaving nothing else in the way to accomplish their dark destiny. Slowly but surely, every passing turn is a clock ticking toward the end of days...


The Corporation of Esperanto is neutral. You can only get its cards by doing achievements in the VDimension universe. They can blend in with any realms, or stand alone as a full realm. Esperanto has the most powerful cards in the game, but also the most difficult ones to get in play as they require lots of technology improvements in order to be played.