Over the past 10 years, I've been asking hundreds of players who don't like playing board games or card games, what it would take for them to sit around a table to play them. There was several challenges to overcome but 5 of them became the top issues. I decided to put the focus essentially on those 5 dimensions that players disliked most:

* Learning curve: Players don't like to sit there and read manuals for hours. In VDimension, once you learn the basic ropes, the major content comes gradually to the player during the game through card effects. By the end of their first match, players not only know how to play, but are competitive and ready to take on veterans!

* Replayability: Often, when you have a game that can easily be learned, it can also be easily forgotten. The depth of VDimension allows someone to play thousands of match ups, (even mirror match) without feeling they are repeating a redundant path. VDimension is more about adaptation than metagaming. Most player love that.

* Game balance: A huge turn off among players who have played any type of games, is the idea that no matter what they do, the game will decide who wins by allowing certain game mechanics to overcome every strategies.   10 years was necessary to develop and balance the 450 cards of VDimension. While it’s impossible to claim that a game is ever perfectly balanced, I believe that VDimension's level of tuning will be one of its greatest strength for players who care about this aspect.

* Affordability: It says it all. Most players don't want to feel like they need to engage large sums of money in order to have fun and compete in a card game or a board game. VDimension have completely remove the pay to win philosophy out of the equation. I believe that an investment of 20-40$ (US) should be enough to give all the tools a player need to compete against any other players. The rest should be there only for esthetics, extra customization options and gaming mode.

* Always a hope to win: 2 things that makes a player interest drop in most card/board games A) Those match ups where they end up not having the time to even play a card before being destroyed and B) Slowly but surely agonizing for hours, even if they know they have no path to victory. By providing more than one path to win and many ways to turn over a match, it is simply impossible to not see a winning path as long as a player keeps fighting. This element is the glue that brings everything together to create an environment that every type of players enjoys.



25 years ago, I created a small pen & paper to entertain my teenage friends. As they were having lots of fun and asking for more content weekly, I invested a lot of my creativity into creating the VDimension universe. I developed the lore over 12 years of pen & paper gaming sessions with around 40 players who became regular players. Eventually, it came to an end as it became too time consuming and was slowing me down in every other area of my life. When I started my career at Ubisoft in 2001, the pen & paper was put on a shelf until an opportunity would arise to use its rich lore.

After 6 years at Ubisoft where I worked as a Q.A., CCR (Customer care representative), level designer and game designer, I knew what I was going to do next. But I wouldn’t be able to do it while working at Ubisoft as I had reach a ceiling in my career opportunities there and wanted more. So I had to leave and became an independent producer and creative director. I worked on projects that wouldn’t force me to sign those clauses preventing me to work on my own ideas on the side. When it became clear that I wanted to put all of my expertise to the services of board games and card games, I saw no better lore to use for it then what I had built over the years through the VDimension pen & paper. The pieces of the puzzle were coming together; the VDimension board game would be the introduction to that wonderful universe. If successful, it would open the door to develop other games of other styles (RTS, FPS, RPG and sandbox) to turn VDimension into a gaming franchise in 5 specific genre. I had all the expertise to make it happen, so I jumped into this journey. It has been my path for the past 10 years and I’ve never looked back.