Saturday, 06 May 2017 20:41


Greetings VDimension current and future citizens.

After 4 months of health recovery, Seen Justice is now back on his feet (literally) and ready to drive VDimension to its final destination!

Even if the events stopped during that period of time, it didn’t go to waste. We ended up finishing the 9 realms, so on top of the 5 we were already poised to release at game launch, and we are now sitting on 2 years’ worth of expansion content. It is also worth noting that every card from the 9 realms, along with the board and game rules have been edited and available in both French and English.


As we speak, we are waiting for the final evaluation of Asmodee toward a partnership with Pure Creation Inc. We will know by fall 2017 if we are going to team up or not. Other publishers also approached us, and will have the chance to make an offer this summer. We are not going to wait any further then October 2017 to choose a partner or decide to self-publish though. VDimension has been ready for a while, and we think we have allowed enough time to different partners to manifest themselves to us. The next newsletter in Octobre will be either to let you know about a publishing deal, or a fixed date for a crowd funding campaign by the end of 2017.

Again, we are aiming to release the physical version of the game first, then finance the digital version with the profit generated by the physical one. A fully funded VDimension digital team would make that happen on Steam (PC) 18 months after the physical board game has been put on the market.

No matter the scenario, the game will benefit from being seen and tested to its last pixels. Starting May 8 th , the doors of VDimension will re-open with match ups every weekend! If you want to be among the privileged ones who will play with: Chutney (Earth), The Sylfs (Air) Camaaleau (Fire) and Naum Spur (Fire) 2 years before everyone else, this is your chance! As usual, Seen Justice will be the host and entertainer on each of those events.

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-The Pure Creation team