Monday, 23 January 2017 04:18

Personal time off needed...

Hello everyone.

I have the regret to announce you that I must put the invitations on hold to play VDimension for a few months. I've been diagnosed with severe back problems, among which discal hernia, sciatic nerve pinched and arthrosis. All of this with 4 crushed disc at the bottom of my back. This could lead straight to a surgery but I still have hope I can avoid it by following a few treatments.

This is not due to an accident but simply a degenerative condition that I have been experimenting for over 20 years and now catching back at me.

I have been put on a sick leave at my job until March 2017 and will work sparsely on VDimension during that time. This might delay the release of the game another few months, but we're still targeting spring 2017.

For now, I have to take care of myself. So stay tune folks, I shall be back, in greater shape then ever.

So long my dear otakus!


-Seen Justice