Sunday, 18 December 2016 21:46


Greetings VDimension denizens! Christmas time brings its fair share of happy gaming moments and this year is no exception. The announcement of this month will be short and sweet, as we are still in the process of evaluating a partnership with Asmodée.

Speaking of which, we can now release the statement that Asmodée has signed a NDA with Pure Creation, and is currently looking at every elements of the game in real match up situations. This current step will most likely take several weeks but from there, we will have a pretty good idea on both sides about the level of interest for a possible collaboration to publish the physical version and eventually, the digital one.

Therefore, we will not announce a date for the next announcement, as we will wait a major development or conclusion in this negotiation before giving a new heads up. However, we still have everything on track to self-publish the game with a crowd funding campaign by April 2017, should the negotiation deliver different results than expected.

Meanwhile, we do not intend to let the next few months ahead go to waste. The play testing will keep rolling with both, new and veteran eyes. The last master tuning before the big show! You can also follow us on Facebook at:

In the name of all avatars and minions of VDimension: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!