Monday, 18 September 2017 02:20



Pure Creation Inc. keeps all the rights on VDimension and will remain independent.

After a year of negotiations with local and international publishers and venture capital investors, it was decided by the board of Pure Creation Inc. that the development and publishing of VDimension would remain 100% the property of its shareholders. Seen Justice will therefore remain the CEO and creative director of the company, while Simon Jodoin will stay the head manager of finance as CPA and CTO.

This decision wasn’t simple. Between offers who would have been beneficial in the short term and the glory to be part of a major group, the temptations were there. But those didn’t align with the long term vision we have for the project, so we decided to take the longer road to achieve our goal to build not only a great game, but a franchise of the same scope.

What tipped the balanced in the end: You, the players and investors. Your love for the game and your support since the incorporation of the company in 2014 gave us the momentum and confidence necessary to reach the final step to bring VDimension on the market together. All of this, without losing its essence as much in its creative direction than marketing wise.

That last step will happen in November 2017, as we’re going to launch a crowd funding campaign that will bring VDimension on the market. The details and official starting date of the campaign will be communicated later on but the big lines will be: To make the game as accessible as possible, available both in French and English and to make it possible to play it before the end of this year. Christmas will be celebrated in 2017 around a VDimension table!

Until then, we will continue to give the opportunity to new players to discover the game, while remaining close of the most enthusiastic among you. We invite you to share the present news with your friends who could be interested by the game, by offering them to come and try it! From now on, and until the end of the campaign, our availability will be 7 days a week; starting at 7pm during week days, and every weekends every afternoon and evening.

Let’s unite the world around the same table!


-The Pure Creation team.