Q: Will the game be available in digital mode too or just physical?

A: VDimension will release first as a physical product, but will also be made in digital, using identical game mechanics.

Q: Lots of people with different gaming cultures seems to like VDimension. Does that make it a casual game?

A: Far from it. VDimension is definitely a very deep game. But because of its smooth learning curve, it attracts a large and different crowd.

Q: I want to try the game but don't want to wait until its official release! How can I?

A: Sure! Just enter a request in the contact sessions, letting us know if you would like to schedule a gaming session with your friends or random players. Game sessions will be organized either at the gaming center JeuxJubes of Ste-Thérèse (QC), or at my home in Ste-Thérèse (QC). If you live far away but would like to travel to try the game, we have a very welcoming fanbase, ready to offer shelter for this occasion. So you would only need to find a mean to get here and sustain yourself.

Q: You say that it took 10 years to develop this game. But really, how many hours of real development were put into this?

A: If you include all the match up that were played for game balance purposes, VDimension has well over 20 000 hours of development under the belt. In the first 2 years of development, there was a least a hundred versions of the game that was thrown to garbage and restarted from scratch. After that, the core mechanics started falling into place and each brick of the game was implemented an relentlessly polished.

Q: Why don't we see more artwork about the game?

A: Aside from the board, website and card template, the images we use now for the prototype version are place holders who are only there for artistic direction. Depending of the path we chose in the next months, (publisher or crowd funding) we will either pay royalties for drawings already made, or draw them all from scratch for the release version.

Q: How many realms will be available when the game launches?

A: 5 realms will be available at game launch: Esperanto (The Corporation), Absolum (Order), Anarkya (Chaos), Indigofera (Life) and Xardion (Death). We plan to release the 4 other realms through expansions over 2 years after that. (Camaaleau-Water, Naum Spur-Fire, Chutney-Earth and The Sylfs-Air.)

Q: I see a lot of names in VDimension who are used in different mythology. Why is that?

A: VDimension is at the intersection of the whole creation. The lore mixes elements of common folklore encountered in earth mythology, mixed with original lore created from the pen & paper of VDimension. In the future, we intend to link lots of different universe to the VDimension lore. (Respecting intellectual property and copyrights of course) Some will be mainstream universe well known by the public, while others will come from original new gaming franchise. Pure creation will always continue to develop its own VDimension original content in the process.